Tuesday 1 November 2011


Decided to get a head start with the Christmas shopping as I had some time to spare, plus the weather meant my proposed trip out to Upminster to do a bit of flying was postponed yet again.

Dark Lady had been trying to get a certain camera for a close relative (who if he is reading this will have to be extra good and tidy his room or Santa ain't making another appearance this side of the next Millennium).

She had tried on the Internet and the particular one in the right colour was out of stock.

I offered to wander down London's Tottenham Court Road which is a mecca for gadget seekers and electrical nerds. It would give me a chance to look at all the stuff that was on offer. Although I must admit, at my time of life, windows full of shiny objects have lost their pull. I now have all the shiny objects I need. I still have a couple of VHS machines at home and several DVD machines which are practically being given away with petrol these days.

A walk in the park and headed for the shops. Competition is fierce with a certain level of "make me an offer". It is a sort of electrical Souk.

"Have you the Acme Pixy pix 545K?"

"No but we do have the 546"

"No. Need the 545"

"546 is better"

"No, it’s just the one you have in stock"

Shop 2

"Have you the Acme Pixy pix 545K?"

"We've got one for the same price which is a different make and model but is better"

"I want the Pixy Pix 545K"


"Because it’s for a child"

Shop 3

"Have you the Acme Pixy Pix 545K?"

"We've got the 546"

"That's not the 545 is it!"

Shop 4

"Have you the Acme Pixy Pix 545k?"

"Let me have a look on the computer..........we've got the 546 but not the 545. Not seen a 545 in a while. Have you tried Kozykameras down the street?"

Shop 5

"Have you the Acme Pixy Pix 545K?"

"We've got the 546. Don't think they make the 545 any longer".

Defeated I went back to the flat and logged on to the Internet. Was it back in stock?

"Acme Pixy Pix 545K. 7 in stock. Black"

I have ordered one. I have paid for it. I have a reference number for it

Let us hope it arrives from Lapland in time. Go Elves go!


Anonymous said...

Hello Alex,

I had a similar problem with a book. Couldn’t get it anywhere. In the end, just in case it would never be printed again, I ordered two on the Internet: was charged for two, paid for two, received a parcel with an invoice for two, but only one book!

I guess as far as children, Christmas, crackers, hats, excitement and all that family of your own around the tree type stuff, you’re pretty much diving straight into the deep end this year. That’s quite a thing.


Rachel x

RuthnJasper said...

Dark Lord (Your Infernal Majesty!),

Love this post and the pictures! Much as I hate to admit it, I do tend to resort to the internet for such purchases these days. The Amazon Elves have yet to let me down!

How are the vows going? In my humble view, the best thing you can say is a heartfelt "I will love you" and then MEAN it. But what do I know? As a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, my preferred method when a-wooing is the trusty botty-sniff. You could try that, if all else fails, I suppose...

Jasper x

Gary said...

Did you know if you send Santa mail to Lapland it really does go to Lapland in Finland. I work for Royal Mail and each year we send loads of mail to Finland.
Fictional places like reindeer land go to Belfast where they all get replies.

Gary in Plymouth