Wednesday 30 November 2011


Another day of fetching and carrying. Dark Lady has been buzzing around doing last minutes bits of paperwork. Various administrative tasks have been completed including the final draft of our vows.

"What is mine is mine and what is yours is also mine" was rejected by the DL at an early stage.

"Yow oyes am loike limpid poowels"

This too was rejected for some reason. I was only trying to get back to my Black Country roots.

Vows are tricky as they have to mean something without making you want to hoot with derisive laughter. Or gnaw an arm off with embarrassment. Hopefully we will have avoided that.

Whilst I understand the sentiments behind "I Will Always Love You" or "Angels" being played at weddings and funerals my battle-hardened cynicism would have me on my knees slapping the floor with the flat of my hand whilst howling with uncontrollable mirth.

We are both big weepers so we may just sit there snivelling like babies.

I have not thought about my speech yet. I have a list of people to thank so have had a few thoughts that I need to process before I sit down and make a few notes.

Much advice has been given about speeches. Books have been written and people offer speech-writing services. I think the best way to go is to formulate in your head and have the odd note to point you in the right direction. Writing every word down it will sound rather false and halting and not sound natural at all, rather like those harrowing, trembling and emotional statements to the press that are made by the victim’s family after the verdict has been handed down in the trial of the alleged murderer.

As we have mentioned on the show many times over the years, "Strategic fainting" is always a last ditch option. When all else fails and things are crowding in on you…


Best story came from a lovely friend of ours who, at her wedding, the groom was so overcome with emotion that when he rose to his feet to make his speech no words would come out. He wept tears of happiness for himself and his lovely new bride and sat down again to thunderous applause without managing to utter a single syllable.

Now that could be a cunning plan!

May I just add my thanks to you for all your good wishes. Dark Lady and I are genuinely very touched by all the warmth and kindness you have shown, particularly with your long-suffering selves having had to endure me banging on about it every morning for weeks on end.

Tim Smith in charge for the next 6 shows and I'll be back on Monday 12th. Incidentally, he is now engaged as well! Better remind him that he should be setting a date!

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Maid of Kent said...

May I just add to the Congratulations & Best Wishes.
I hope that all the wrinkles iron themselves out, that waistcoats and lanterns all behave and thatthe two of you have the most wonderful day!
As I said when you got engaged, it gives me hope that I still might come across my Mr Right & for that I thank you :)
Now, before I start blubbing, much love and just enjoy the day. I gather it will go by all too quickly and then kickback and enjoy a well deserved honeymoon!! Mel x

Slyppery Syd said...

Congratulations regarding getting hitched. What took you so long?
Amazing show on Thursday - how do you keep so cool at a time like this?
Great choice of records by Dr S (last 3 played).
Can't wait to read the wedding blog .... and next oddcast!
Hisss hissss. (All the best.)

Paul F said...

Hi Alex,

All the best for the big day, and many congratulations to you and the Dark Lady. Hope everything goes smoothly on the day and you enjoy the Honeymoon.

As a daylight person I'll be lurking on the iPlayer to hear all about it when you get back on Monday 12 Dec, unless the DL lets you near a computer before then to do a blog about the big day.


Will_run said...

Hello Alex,

All the best for the big day, and many congratulations to you and the Dark Lady. Hope everything goes smoothly on the day and you enjoy the rest of your life together.