Tuesday 15 November 2011


As I've mentioned on the blog before, it is a curious time of year where one festival rolls into another all the way to Christmas.

As we live in a multicultural society there are far more events in the British calendar.

So the Divali fireworks gave way to the Guy Fawkes ones and there was Halloween too. My neighbours, who are Sikh, got into the spirit of things with a fine display of corpses in their front garden.

Amidst all this there is Remembrance Day. It is heartening to see it is being given a little more respect than it has been. It is a shame it takes sacrifices by our troops to bring it to public attention.

Dark Lady had been furious about lack of poppy purchasing opportunities last year. She claimed she had to hunt high and low until she found a vendor. So this year I bought one for both of us. (By that I mean one each, by the way!) The moment I arrived home beaming with my purchase I noticed she already had one.

"What has happened this year? The poppy sellers are everywhere!"

I am glad they were as my first one only lasted a couple of days before it vanished. The second one lasted the course. DL being a girl attached hers with a safety pin so it wouldn't work loose.

However, those harrumphing at declining standards may recall as I do a ‘Til Death Us Do Part episode where Alf’s wife admits to repairing Alf’s poppy each year so he doesn't have to buy another.

Now Christmas is upon us, with a pop up Christmas shop opening a few doors away, the TV ads for the big stores are being discussed in print and on Internet forums. Wonder if we will start to think about it's meaning in the same way we have reassessed Remembrance Day?

A Jamie Oliver pudding to your M&S Turkey says NO!

And speaking of Christmas, start thinking of your Christmas Listener's Library records now; think of those festive tracks that you don't always hear every year and let us know here.

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Ron said...

Steady on, Alex. We're not used to serious, reflective blogs!

I won't risk my M&S Turkey. I think it's safe to assume that the only reassessment that most people will be doing this Christmas is about how they are going to pay for it all.