Monday 21 November 2011


Back in Hastings for the weekend and frantic house-tidying and towel-counting.

Towel counting? Come the big day, a host of relatives are descending on my house and they all kindly offered to bring towels and sheets to save me doing a lot of laundry. However, the "small man" in me won't let them.

If I stay at theirs they don't expect me to bring my own bedding, probably as I am the youngest of this branch of the family and for many years lived a rather nomadic existence. My housing was always rather student-like, although not quite so studenty as student friends of mine when I was a student. (Lot of uses of the word "student" there, sorry).

I lived at home with my Mum and Dad and caught the bus every day to go and be a student. Sex and drugs and rock n’ roll were not high on the agenda as a result, mores the pity. Other friends were away from home for the first time living in appalling accommodation which probably would not be allowed in this day and age.

One such house had no hot water and the loo was actually behind a half door off the kitchen; sometimes it was difficult to tell where the cooking smells ended and the....well, you get the picture. The carpet in the living room was made from a stolen carpet sample book from which the individual leaves had been torn and nailed to the floor. No letter box and the wind howled down the hallway. It was dire. Filthy. Freezing…and to me impossibly exciting!

So now I am enjoying a more comfortable existence I refuse to revert to those student days and – as I have a perfectly good washing machine and tumble drier - if people come to stay, they shouldn't have to bring a sleeping bag!

Dark Lady had been working very hard all week at her office in London so grabbed a train down and I met her at the station. The winter light seemed nice so I took a short video clip of her train arriving which is now on my Facebook page. (Click here to see it).

Saturday morning and it was up to St John’s church for their annual visit from "Alex Lester's short but cheerful speech 12A".

Everyone is terribly kind and indulges me. They fussed over the DL and we had excellent cake which is a terrific draw. Seemed an excellent turnout, too.

Judge for yourself via the two other short video clips on Facebook.

Managed to pick up a couple of stocking-filler presents for family members whilst I was about it and we headed off to the pub that evening to meet with our friend, Clive, who is going to be one of my two "Best Men". Two because I am unable to choose and both Clive and Simon both have unique abilities and talents that will help make things go well with fun and efficiency. Odd that it must be an age related thing that the moment I type the word "Efficiency" I am thinking of naked people playing volleyball in old black and white movies!

Saturday afternoon we had been down to Jonny Swanns seafood stall in the old town to pick up some bits for a Paella. I have the dish which I bought in Spain in about 1982 and DL has the ability to do the cooking. However, we stayed rather longer in the pub than we expected to so somehow never got round to making it and ended up at the Chinese takeaway instead.

Sunday it was back to London with a car smelling vaguely of squid and other sea-related foodstuffs and into the kitchen for the makings.

When I say "the makings", I organised the DVD player and inserted Woody Allen's Deconstructing Harry and got the table ready whilst the Dark Lady did the work.

Even though I say so myself I think this is an ideal division of labour.

Only two more weekends to go until the big day. Everything seems to be on track although due to a flood my jacket hasn't arrived from the tailor. I hope it didn't get wet or it may have shrunk! She may march down the aisle to join her intended Norman Pitkin at the front of the hall.

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The Impaler said...

Paella... nom! If you ever get back to San Francisco, there used to be a great Spanish restaurant in 'the avenues' that had paella to die for. I suspect it is still there.

As to your student lodgings, why am I reminded of "The Young Ones"... and which one were you? :) There's a topic for Strangge-o... "Dodgy Lodgings Week". I suspect everyone has one or two tales of horror to relate...

Well done on the continuing blog, by the way. Been listening but with the holiday week over here, things are getting quite busy.