Wednesday 16 November 2011


Out yesterday, stocking up on a few DVDs for the weekend. Dark Lady and I do like to chill on the sofa with a good film after a tiring week (she has tiring weeks, I just get tired due to the unsociable hours, as I'm sure you do).

We are trying to build up a collection of the Woody Allen catalogue. So I was delighted when I found another three of his that I'd not seen.

Are also big fans of romance so the other week we sobbed all the way through The Lake House with Sandra Bullock. Have lent the DVD to producer Dr Strangelove who is also a big weeper. Expect to see his crumpled red-eyed face first thing Monday after he's wept through the weekend, although he did say yesterday morning that he wished it was Christmas, so much so he had Gremlins and Home Alone ready for Friday night.

Whilst in the shop I also had a peruse of the CD shelves in case there was something I missed.

At last I found a Kevin Fowler album containing the track "£ sign" This is a fun tune I heard on my last US road trip and seemed to go down pretty well when I played it yesterday on the show. One of the other tracks on the album was called "Don't Touch my Willie"; this reduced some members of the programme team (there are only the two of us: Strangeo and I) to sniggering adolescents. It is about a first date and a guy’s record collection: Willie being Willie Nelson. OK, you were ahead of me on that one.

Whilst on my way back home I passed one of those “boys shops” that sell computer parts, radio controlled cars and, for me, an aluminium CD carrying case, ideal for transporting the Lester’s Library tracks to and from the studio.

This - in my mind’s eye - is "professional DJ equipment”. I was transported to a life on the road. Heading from one exotic location to another to DJ in front of thousands of excited young people at clubs festivals and raves. I am Fat Boy Fat. I am DJ Ludicrous. I am Lethal Drizzle!

I trudged home knowing after a couple of days the box will be full of odd bits of paper, the odd CD and sweet wrappers. Hey, I can dream.

See you in Ibiza!


Ginny Johnson said...

Alex, when you said on your show yesterday about a track on that album you bought being called "Don't touch my willie" - i didn't immediately realise it was about Willie Nelson! Besides, i was giggling too much!

Paul F said...

Hi Alex,

I'm liking the CD box. Not only does it look like you're on your way to a night club to drop a phat one, while you spin some hooj choons on the decks;
but for you it's also a legitimate business expense so you can write it off against tax ;)

Saw Jools Holland with Ruby Turner and Chris Difford last night at the Watford Colosseum. Amazing performance. They played a mix of old and new stuff. Chris played my two favourite Squeeze tracks - Up the junction and Cool for Cats - while backed by Jools and his orchestra. Made for a good sixth anniversary celebration with the other half.


Ron said...

Considering that most of your library tracks are available on itunes why do you need to take the CDs to the studio?

Pub and club DJs I've encountered recently (admittedly not that many) seem to have discarded CDs for the ubiquitous ipod and/or laptop, so if you really want one of those iconic aluminium cases better get one while you can. (You could wait for one to turn up at a car boot sale of course)

Kevin Fowler. Sounds more like a name from a British soap dynasty than a country & western star!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Alex

Another inappropriately named item. “Flight Case” I don’t think they can fly at all(especially when full). They do look good though but these days they tend to be used for “kits” all sorts of emergency kits. I have a thing about kits. If it comes in a kit, in a James Bond style case, I love it! You can never have enough kits. If something happens- all hell breaks loose, you can say, hang on one moment:- I have a kit for this! I've been waiting years to use it!! Although with your flight case and its contents, I’m struggling to come up with an emergency situation where you could save the day. Oh hang on I’ve got one……..


Rachel x