Wednesday 17 October 2012


It’s off to a cracking start this year as we roll out the 2012/13 truckwriting season slogan which this year is, er, SLOGAN.

I can't remember a better start to a season, Brian. (Sorry. Football manager speak getting to me there).

I love the way you take it to your heart and - thanks to social media - there is now the added bonus of instant interaction complete with pictures.

We hope to develop this still further and hope you'll help us in our endeavours.

I mentioned football manager speak earlier. It's interesting how external events can colour and change your view of things.

Back in the mid-80's, I was working in commercial radio in the North-East and one of the features on my show was "Ask Alex, a direct rip off of Jim’ll Fix It.

I've told this story on the show before but now it's going to be harder to relate because of recent events.

Rather like mentioning Dunblane or Lockerbie, due to terrible happenings, that is where the mind goes first. The memory of a TV show is now forever tainted

A 14 year-old football mad lad had asked to be taken round Ayresome Park, the then Middlesbrough football club ground.

I fixed it and we were shown round by one of the stars of the club, Heini Otto. This kid knew everything about the club and its then manager, the late and flamboyant Malcolm Allison.

He was a veteran and well versed in football manager speak.

He'd also recently been in the tabloids after having been discovered having an affair with a leggy dancer.

We rounded a corner and spotted him so asked if the lad could have a few words.

First rule of football manager speak: get the name of the interviewer into your answer as often as possible. This gives the impression you know them and actually care.

Having asked the youths name, Big Mal said

"Fire away, son"

"Mr Allison, do you think your affair has had a detrimental effect on the team’s performance?"

I wanted the ground to open up. I was so embarrassed.

"Well, Kevin" said the great man.

"I always try to keep my private life separate from my work"

Big Mal is now in the big stadium in the sky and the "kid" will now be in his forties. I wonder how he turned out? He'd have made a great journalist!


Slyppery Syd said...

Kids are experts at embarrassing grown-ups (if we can call Alex a grown-up?).

Its great being a snake ... hisss hisss, easy to slither away unnoticed. Ha ha.

Slyppery Syd said...

Love the new slogan ... SLOGAN.
Sexy Lester .... Ha ha ha ha.

Helppppp !!!!!