Thursday 11 October 2012


I can remember my late mother and also the elderly mother of an ex-girlfriend of mine who found it a chore to do more than one thing per day.

I used to scoff at this lack of drive and energy. However as I get older myself, I am beginning to see the attraction in this behavior.

Last weekend all I did was saunter down to Hastings old town. Look at some nice old cars.

I then sauntered back, watched a huge amount of tv and filed a few CDs. I also slept a lot. This I decided was fun.

This week in comparison I've been a whirlwind.

Monday: Shoe. Food shopping. Gym. CD listening.  Blog.

Tuesday: Shoe. Flying. CD listening. Blog.

Wednesday: Shoe. Train to Birmingham and back to visit my dad. Long time in phone shop trying to get it to work properly. Blog.

Thursday: Shoe. Chores for Dark Lady. Paperwork. CD listening. Video shoot.  Gym. Blog.

No wonder I'm a husk!

However, looking back at what I've just written none of this can be described as arduous.

So just ignore me.

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