Thursday 1 November 2012


It's been a tiring old day. Moving bits from old to new. Flat that is.

I had to go to the rental people to collect the key to the new place. First though I had to sign the lease.

There were pages of it. Apparently I'm not allowed to hold political meetings in the flat. Nor am I allowed to keep a bawdy house. Shame as they were the first things I intended to do once I was settled in.

I once got planning permission to build a garage on the back of a house years ago and the lease for that informed me I wasn't allowed to house people with mental illness in the garage!

So key to the new place in my pocket I went to check it out. It's always been my experience that the mind plays tricks when looking at property. The rule of thumb has to be: However big it looks when you view, it's shrunk by half by the time you move in.

I wasn't wrong. Still it's like being back on the Blue Pig, the canal boat I lived on for ten years when the show came from Birmingham. Wherever you are and wherever you want to get to, the bed is in the way!

Then it was a day of dragging heavy bags out to the street and hailing a cab to take me to the new place and walking back. I did this three times so have probably walked about 4 miles on top of the lugging. More to do on Saturday but will have the car so that may make it easier.

Hopefully it won't be too claustrophobic. One thing I need to sort is the heating. There are two radiators. Only one can be turned off. It’s hot in there.

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Slyppery Syd said...

Yep, beds always get in the way ... they are great for walking into when carrying boxes of stuff!

Shame you didn't know a man with a van! Very useful for local moving (cheaper than a taxi).

One thing for certain, the important things you need to unpack first, will be at the bottom of a box ... but which one????