Monday 23 April 2012


Weekend in a rush so feet not fully back on the ground. Highlight had to be this year’s Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival. This is the ninth year and the third I have attended. Each year it gets better with the finest cartoonists from here and abroad invited to talk, draw, give advice and generally fool around.

The theme this year was flight. So everyone in the Market square set to creating their own vision.

Across the road at a book shop our very own (well, not really OURS but you know what I mean) Clive Goddard was signing copies if his latest books.

Later in the day there was also a first for the festival - as far as I am aware - a "Melodrawma".

I will have more on this including a short film to add to the existing one about the festival which is on the Facebook page tomorrow.

Sorry so short today but I have to help Dr Strangelove pack for his holidays. Don't think he wants to leave us!

Right: let's see. Pants 7. Socks 7. Shirts 7. Trousers 3. Shoes 2. Sweater. Overcoat. Jacket. There. What is the problem? I think my idea about the paper suit security ticket would have been his best bet. Remind me and I'll tell you again tomorrow on the shoe

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mwhite229 said...

think a new suitcase to hold those natty blue polka dot pants might be on the cards. And how do you get 7 socks, is it 7 pairs or just 7 socks. Dr Strangelove must have odd feet or is he just odd.