Thursday 26 January 2012


Up the hospital with the Dark Lady first thing to see how her damaged finger is healing. Would she be signed off so that she could go back to the gym and start skating?

She was adamant that I could stay in bed and not worry about fighting the traffic trying to get to the hospital and then the nightmare that is trying to find somewhere to park.

Her appointment was at 11.30 in the Hand Clinic. Just as I was walking in the entrance I lifted the phone to my ear after dialling her number and at the exact moment received a text telling me she was already there waiting.

These are the moments when you think "Wow. We are so in-tune. We think as one.We are one".

This is the moment when the cynics start to go a little green around the gills prompting one Mary Little to write

"A youth with his first cigar makes himself sick. A youth with his first girl makes everyone sick".

Made my way to the first floor and there she was reading a magazine.(DL, and not Mary Little, if you were getting confused. I have looked on the Internet and can find no details for Mary Little.)

Say what you like about the NHS. It is not perfect but I have yet to see anything that betters it and it should be protected and cherished.

11.30 on the dot and the physio arrived, ushered us in to his clinic and had a good poke around at the DL's hand.

He asked a few relevant questions and replaced the splint with a tiny bit of elasticated bandage and that was it. We were free!

She is now able to resume the gym and we are going skating together this Sunday so she can try the skates that Santa bought her at Xmas.

Her hand has healed sufficiently so she can fall down if she wants to. Although I would imagine if anyone is going to do any falling down it will be me.

She has to massage the finger regularly with cream and do various finger exercises and hopefully shortly it will be back to normal. It may take a while for the feeling to come back as the nerve was severed but they, she and I are very pleased with the result and the care and treatment. I suggested that as it was one finger she could do the massaging with my help rather than enlisting the help of a tall Scandinavian masseur called Sven.

It is a shame that only the NHS horror stories make the headlines. It must be very demoralising to all those Doctors, Nurses and ancillary workers to open a newspaper in the morning and find yet another article attacking them.

It must feel a bit like working for the BBC

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Ron said...

Having had recent experience of the workings of the NHS, still ongoing, after my wife broke her wrist last year, I can echo your comments almost the whole way. The "aftercare" and physiotherapy has been brilliant, but the six-hour wait for initial treatment in A&E on a day which did not seem over-busy, plus a further three hours for the first fracture clinic appointment the following day was less so, and those are the sort of things which people remember and which give the service a less than exemplary reputation.

The Dark Lady will doubtless be relieved that she can get back to normal activities with it, and you will both look forward to those massage sessions!

Slyppery Syd said...

Hi Alex,
Great news regarding THE WIFE. Excellent progress ... the DL will be back on form soon and make mincemeat out of you on the ice rink.
Hisss hisssss

Slyppery Syd said...

PS .... the media only want to report bad news ... such as NHS horror stories ... vile teenagers.
Take the latter ... I've met more fantastic and really nice teenagers than bad ones. (Remember, the good-uns are normally chauffeured around by parents and not seen in public as often as the ones making bad press.) No doubt the NHS is the same - only bad cases make the news .... because it sells papers!