Thursday 26 July 2012


In my role as "Wonderhusband" (a title I thought up myself with no confirmation nor approval from the Dark Lady)... has fallen to me to wait in for various workmen and delivery people, as we strive to get the house sorted in time for the Olympics and the enormous amount of TV and associated coverage.

As a household of four including a thirteen year old boy who is often in his bedroom playing internet shoot em up games and a sixteen year old girl who is often in her bedroom on Facebook or probably something "way cooler", we need a lot of broadband.

Our existing system wasn't up to scratch. A new box was needed, so it fell to me to wait for the man.

"Sometime between eight and one" we were promised.

"That'll be one" I said.

8:15. Children still sparko. Wife at work. I had to let him in and help shift the furniture to help him gain access to all the relevant sockets.

With that all working, it was at that moment that the satellite system decided to give up the ghost.

"Sometime between eight and one" we were told.

"That'll be one" I said.

Children sparko. Wife needing to rouse them for a collective dental appointment at eleven. I was detailed to surface at 10.30 in order to police the last part of the satellite engineer watch, in case as expected he hadn't arrived by then.

I didn't get much sleep anyway, as it seems Thursday is gardening day. Everyone was out from the crack with their mowers, leaf blowers, strimmers and hedge trimmers. It sounded like a speedway meeting.

I roused myself to discover the man had been and gone, with everything all fixed leaving me to sit and watch Camper Van Crisis in peace.

Now due to my "intervention", all the technology in the house was working save for the DL's laptop. It wouldn't accept the new broadband wireless connection that had just been installed, despite repeatedly rekeying the appropriate codes.

So it was over to Wonderhusband.

Seventeen minutes on the phone to a man in Mumbai and we had lift off.

This was the life. Trouble? I can sort it. Off down the pub to celebrate.

Uh oh! Of the three lagers, two have now run out. The delivery that should have arrived yesterday didn't.

I may have to offer my services before the entire neighbourhood goes thirsty!

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