Thursday 28 June 2012


After the show this morning I set off to visit my Dad in Walsall. Not seen him for a couple of weeks and his cat was causing him some concern.

Apart from my sister and me obviously, the cat Jersey is the last link with my late mother who died ten years ago this coming November. He was really her cat.

He's about twelve, and as the runt of the litter is now beginning to age rather rapidly which is a shame.

He had an infection, and several eye-wateringly expensive trips to the vet later he appears recovered with some of his bounce back. This manifests itself by him climbing on your lap and biting you, although it no longer hurts as much as his jaws have lost some of their strength over the years.

I left London in sunshine, and just as I turned onto the M6 it started to cloud over. By the time I reached Coventry it was raining and by Birmingham it was dark with torrential rain and a thunderstorm. Flash floods in the centre of the city and the overtaking lane (note to terminology pedants here not the "fast lane") of the motorway was several inches deep in water as the drains couldn't cope.

I arrived late. Of my sister and brother in law, no sign. They were trying to get from Solihull south of Brum to where we were.

Trusty Best Time of the Day show listener Sargent Milko tweeted this picture of the A34 Stratford Road in Shirley, proving they had every reason to be late.

After lunch I set off back to London and the reverse happened. By the time I was back on the M1 it was hot, humid and sunny with 26 degrees celcius showing on the car instrument panel.

Parked outside the Dark Lady's house and boarded a bus.


In this heat there is little you can do so by 4.30PM on a hot afternoon it's BO central.

Transport For London just have to hope for milder weather during the olympics otherwise tourists and competitors will have only one memory of the UK.

Britain smells like a week old sock.

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