Tuesday 21 February 2012


Today has been a rush.

After the shoe it was a rush to the railway station to get the only train that is off-peak in the morning. This costs £11. The next costs I think £133,445,621. That is standing room only, as it is full of businessmen. First class is a lot more.

Then ninety minutes later it was a rush to the bus. £1.90. Now this is value, although you don't get to have much of a snooze. Two reasons - you may miss your stop and drooling on a stranger. Oh, the third being schoolchildren screaming at each other in a language adults don't understand.

"That's really sick". "Grody to the max". "Far out"

It matters not which generation you are attached to. Teen language is supposed to be a code and one that we live to regret.

Did I really refer to women as "chicks"?

Or my girlfriend as "my lady" when I was 15?

(The answer to that last part is no, as no self-respecting lady nor chick would give this pustular apology a second glance)

Meet my dad. He is off out so quick cup of coffee. Rushed biscuit. Hands me documents and keys to new steed.

Into car and off for buns with Liza who used to produce the show latterly when I was in Birmingham. She now does something impressive with "The Archers".

With all that rural stuff going in I wonder who nicks the studio out.

Then into car and back to London.

Been a bit of a rush really!


Spiderbadger said...

Ya need to Chill as the young Irchins constantly bellow at me. Relax an take five, Or, Commit to a Dave Brubeck as I confidently shout back at the kidz. Which is generally met with stoney faced incomprehension followed by a thrown half House brick. Scamps.............

Slyppery Syd said...

PS .... must dash ... lots to do!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

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