Tuesday 11 September 2012


There had been mounting excitement for weeks as the countdown to Radio 2's Festival in a Day continued.

Last year had been adjudged a success although it was a smaller event. This year's was altogether in a different league. It boasted a more starry bill with Jessie J and Sir Tom Jones as well as Emili Sande fresh from her Olympic ceremony triumphs. There was also a nod to our core demographic with a short but lively set from 79's funksters The Average White Band.

However, what the nation wanted more than anything was to see MEEEEE!

(Dear reader, I am hovering several inches off the ground as I write this dressed in my favourite Napoleon outfit)

Last year you may remember I was lower on the bill introducing Bellowhead, to the Hyde Park audience and simultaneously on Radio 2 to an audience of around 16,000 souls.

Due to a cock up I was midway through my witty and engaging spiel when Janice Long tapped me on the shoulder and whispered "You're not on. The news is on at the moment". My big moment sabotaged!

Later I found out that there was a blank space in the official programme where my picture and biographical details were supposed to be.

Furious. My people called their people.

(I sent an email)

The reply told me there had been "a problem at the proofreading stage"

In other words it hadn't been proof read!

This time no mistakes. I was invited to introduce the legendary Status Quo in front of an enthusiastic crowd of 30,000.

My picture was in the programme and it all went like clockwork.

Dark Lady was invited this year too and I also managed to get my own back on Producer Strangelove.

As you know if you listen to the show he is always at some upscale event, inevitably in the cordoned off area.

On this occasion however he was hard at work working on the Terry Wogan show and other broadcasting stuff.

We by contrast were in the swanky VIP suite with competition winners and listeners who had bid generously in the Children In Need Auction.

There was food and drink, although mindful of my job I only drank water.

The menu was very swish. Three courses containing foods that I never knew were actually food.

Pumpernickel soil anyone?

We also had an excellent view.

Around 7PM i was ushered to the side of the stage and introduced by Jo Whiley. I bounded on and did my carefully rehearsed introduction.

The band came on and the audience went wild.

It was all down to the intro natch!


Ginny Johnson said...

It was a fantastic day Alex! I was there, in fact i was stood just in front and to the left of vip 'terrace'. Had i known you were there i would have waved! Thought all presenters would be backstage.

Unknown said...

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