Wednesday 12 September 2012


After four and a half years. I'm on the move again.

I've rented the same flat in London ever since the show moved down from Birmingham in early 2008.

The owner wants it back so I'll have to move out. I've another month, then it's time to sling my hook.

So it was off to the estate agents.

My, how things have changed. In other words rents have gone through the roof.

First stop and I was greeted by an 17 year called Terry. Well, he was very young.

"I need to rent a flat"


"I'm Alex Lester and you can email me details at"


I visited several agents and everyone was very nice. Lots of bright, fresh faced, slightly posh girls and boys with bright smiles and firm handshakes.

However when I told them what I was after (a one bedroom flat) and what I had been paying, their response was identical.


Seems that for the last four and a half years I've been sitting pretty with a comparatively low rent in a good location.

However, times have changed and rents have shot up. So it looks like some downsizing is in order to a bedsit-


Sorry, studio. Further away from the BBC. In a cheaper area.

Being a boy from the provinces, it is difficult to get your head round weekly prices that are the equivalent to a month's rent elsewhere.

I love London. It is eyewateringly expensive though.

Fingers crossed that I can find somewhere "awesome"!


Holland said...

The fact is as WE get older we notice the 'younger' ones even more!
Sometimes on meeting professionals, medical or whatever, I see them as very YOUNG!

Jansparrot. said...

It's at times like this you really wish you'd bought somewhere.
Never mind Alex, I'm sure the right place at a reasonable,( for London), price will land on your lap soon. We cannot have you sleeping on the streets!