Wednesday 19 September 2012


Until now he chirped.

Lot of fun on Tuesday as my colleague, friend and rhythm pal Janice Long invited me to be a guest on her TV show "Janice Long's Review Show" on Vintage TV.

The idea is that she gets a couple of musicians and a music journalist in to discuss a classic album and new work by guest artists.

The venue for the recording was the iconic 12 Bar Club in London's "Tin Pan Alley", Denmark Street - a short boulevard lined with music shops.

The instructions read:

"We will be recording two shows. Please bring a change of shirt. Nothing black or stripey"

I turned up at the appointed hour to find Janice and the team already there along with fellow guests, the legendary Paul Hardcastle of "19" fame.

Plus the equally excellent Gary Christian of The Christians who I've played many times on the show.

They are both very funny and knowledgeable guys. Guided, herded and prodded by Janice we sat and talked about the albums. We veered off at tangents. We chatted about their new stuff. We told musician and showbiz stories. We in short had a whale of a time which I'm sure will translate to the screen.

The crew were professional to the last and joined in the fun, which I'm sure contributed to getting the best out of us all.

I've done a number of TV shows over the years but can't honestly say when I've had a better time.

It was just so relaxing and no one had anything to prove. Not sure when the shows are going to be broadcast. You can be sure I'll tell you though.

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