Thursday 19 February 2009

MMMmmmmm Pie!

Fun week and an even "funner" weekend. The concert season is in full swing once again. I like nipping down to the local ticket agency and swiping their schedule, scuttling home and marking up all the gigs I would like to attend. It may be a little like Fantasy Football. So far I have earmarked 20 although I think it may be a bit much to expect to get the time to attend them all particularly as many are midweek. The by now Legendary Libido Boy made one of his first appearances of the New Year when he hit town and we went to see a terrific double bill of Tift Merritt and Teddy Thompson.

Tift thanked Bob Harris for his support as he has featured her in session on his show before as well as playing her music probably more often than me. She had even gone and got the DVD's of "The Old Grey Whistle Tests". It is good to see a support act get such a warm reaction when usually people are busy talking loudly or in the bar. I always think this is A) Terribly rude and B) A waste of the ticket money. Teddy made a guest appearance to sing some great harmonies. Then it was his turn. Last night of the tour and he was excellent and also a very engaging and likeable performer who has a terrific rapport with the audience. Someone described him to me as a bit like Ricky Gervais (shudder). I am sorry if I am out of step but I don't buy into the "godlike genius" tag that seems to follow him around.

The only down side to the gig was that it was midweek so Libido Boy and I weren't able to rush off to Camden for beer and crisps after the show. It was back to bed as soon as possible for a couple of hours before the following morning’s programme.

Soon it was the weekend and I went up to the Midlands to see friends. In a pub in Darlaston on Friday evening and the bloke at the bar homed in on the woman I was with and said in his fabulous Black Country accent: "You'm gorranora….a charisma yow 'av." Someone piped up "ignore him, he says that to all the girls" With hindsight I added "he's drunk, wears thick spectacles and only appears to have one eye". This was duly noted and I knew that revenge would not be long in coming.

Saturday we headed off to Tipton. Home of Mad O'Rourke's Pie Factory. I had the "Hen Pecked" which was, as you would imagine, chicken. She had the "Pansy Potter" which was a steak and kidney although a smaller version of the massive "Desperate Dan Cow Pie". They both have horns though!

Saturday night and into Birmingham to the Hare and Hounds pub which has a reputation as being a music pub. Although we were there to celebrate the 21st Birthday of Janice Long's son Fred and her partner Paul’s 50th. Great night with DJ's - Paul took a turn with some of his friends singing a few songs. They must have been pretty good mates as there was a certain amount of harmonica sharing going on. I was dragged up to dance…..then it happened….the revenge….like a stiletto between the ribs. "I think it must be true what they say about Taureans." she said "What?" said I (May 11th). "that they are all awful dancers!"


Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend - plenty of pie I think(unlike some, unfortunately - ah well there's always a cuppa tea). Lucky man - even luckier lady though! hope she appreciates you.

Holland said...

You seem to be enjoying yourself Alex, some attraction of your "friend" must have rubbed off on you!! Your time now. Like you I am a Taurean, can't dance either!!!

DamoIRL said...

Spot on about Ricky Gervais. Alright, but he is in no way brilliant.

When I argued this point with someone who was a fan, I was accused of being like Lt. Hauk in "Good Morning Vietnam", who doesn't find Adrian Cronauer funny.

So I withered back... is "Extras" funnier than "Good Morning Vietnam"?

"erm.. no.."


Twilight said...

I'm an amateur-ish astrologer-ish, Alex, and can confidently say that Taureans are usually very good with music, being ruled by Venus.
I had a quick look at your chart from data at Wikipedia and see your Venus is in Cancer (the crab) - here may lie the source your left-footedness when it comes to terpsichore - but you should manage a nifty sidestep.;-)

PS I don't like Gervais either - not funny at all.

I enjoy reading how the beautiful people live over yonder.....thanks for the entertainment.

Micky B said...

This Taurean (8th May) is a real groover ... when sitting in a chair and waving hands madly in the air. It's me feets that can't hack it. Bring on Teddy T.

Unknown said...

You do know what they say about a man who can't dance don't you?

Twix said...

You did deserve some sort of revenge!

Check out that pie though - what on earth does 'The Desperate Dan' look like?!

Is it a good time to mention "Blubberwatch?! :)