Thursday, 21 March 2013


So on we trudged down the prom. In the distance we could see Heysham. Still no sign of Eric.

The sun shone and the air was fresh. We could smell the seaweed. It was bracing.

Two miles walked and still no sign of Eric.

At this point our opinions divided on gender grounds.

"Perhaps we should ask someone" Opined the Dark Lady.

"Nah. I'll look it up on my iPad."

"It would be far simpler to just ask someone."

"Look I have the technology lets use it".

"I'll fire up google earth. That'll show us where he is"

"OK" came the doubtful reply.



"Not got Google Earth on the iPad"

A very generous Xmas present from my dear wife.

"I'll go and ask someone"

"No need I'll just download it. Won't take a second."




"Not enough signal"

"Now I'll ask someone"

"No need. I've got Google Earth on my iPhone".

I'm using this handset as my new android is being repaired AGAIN!



"Not enough signal"

"Don't worry. Eric is right by the hotel."

"How do you know that"?

"While you were fiddling I went and asked someone which we should have done in the first place"!

We trudged back the way we had come marvelling at the view. Miles of sand and hills in the distance to our left. Boarded up shops to our right.

Two miles later and past the hotel we came across some ornamental hedge. There he was.

Eric Bartholomew in a jaunty pose. There was a steady stream of sightseers all striking the pose next to him. As he must be around seven feet tall unless you are a member of an American major league basketball team you are going to be the same scale as Little Ern when you stand next to him.

We took it in turns.

We even made a short video for the Facebook page

If you've never been. The exhibit is more than just the statue. Set into the steps and the prom around the statue are the catchphrases and a list of all their famous and in some cases due to the passage of time slightly less famous guests. Nina anyone?

Trio Athenee?

The Pattersons?

Agents and scriptwriters are, not forgotten and its a time capsule of light entertainment from the 60's to the shows demise in 1983.

It's very well done and a fitting tribute to one of the giants of British comedy.

A word though. When you are told "Turn left out of the hotel onto the prom"

They mean from the landward side. Not the seaward side!

Also when your partner says "let's ask someone" just do it. It saves a world of frustration and enables you to get to the bar quicker.

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Paul F said...

I hope you didn't get a HTC Android handset. I've had two and both have given me nothing but problems. Never buying HTC ever again!