Tuesday 18 December 2012


So more wrapping today and - having used most of the adhesive tape in the house - I set out yesterday and bought more.

This morning sitting at the kitchen table I was ready to resume.


Wrapping paper



All present.

Sellotape. .......Sellotape? ........where’s the blimmin Sellotape? ?

So down to the shops for more.

I've been joking with the Dark Lady every birthday and Christmas since we met that for a gift I want an aeroplane.

Having a Microlight pilots licence, I can think of few things that would improve my quality of life more than my own aeroplane.

DL the poor long-suffering woman smiles weakly as I trot out this old gag every six months. In truth it's more often than that but I'm not counting. I'm dreaming.

"When I win the Lottery" she gently chides.

She won about £3 the other week so she's on a winning streak. In fact she's won similar sums a couple of times before. So I'm guessing she's set up an "Alex's aeroplane fund"

With this run of luck I reckon the big win must be just around the corner.

Pic someone rolling around on a bed of banknotes.

I don't want to second guess here but I suspect the reason we've run out of sticky tape is that to wrap even a small flying machine takes a lot of paper and tape.

I'll keep you posted.

If I don't get round to doing another blog this side of Christmas and New Year. Have a wonderful time and don't forget to join me Christmas week 3-6.30 everyday except Xmas day.


Sally B said...

"Pic someone rolling around on a bed of banknotes."?
Looks like the techie elves didn't read your blog too carefully and missed this vital instruction.
But, unlike them, we get the picture!
Happy flying and a Merry Christmas to you too.

Paul F said...

Hi Alex,
What's happened to the blog posts? Are you not coming back to the blog after the festive break?