Thursday 14 October 2010


Been a bit of a mixed week and one that I hope hasn't shown up on the show. In all the years I have been doing this for a living, it has never seemed like a job and has always been a way of lifting my spirits when I was a bit down.

I remember years ago, after a particularly traumatic relationship failure, reading a self-help book which told me that it was like “bereavement" and that it was likely that sleep patterns would be disturbed, so it was probably a good idea to tune into late night radio.

"Er, excuse me," I thought, "What happens if you are the guy doing the late night radio"?

Just over a week ago the Dark Lady damaged her back and has a prolapsed disc in her neck. In other words, she has slipped a disc. She is in terrible pain and has spent the last week doped to the eyeballs in a hospital bed. To give you some idea of what it is like; Women tell you it is like childbirth without the respite between contractions.

To translate that for us blokes with a notoriously low pain threshold; it is like a mild dose of constipation and we know how agonising that is!

No wonder she is on Morphine, poor thing. Despite the agony, she is in remarkably good spirits and I have decided that as she is on the way to becoming a dope fiend; I am going to buy her a beret and a saxophone. We are expecting various calls from the music business asking if she has any to spare.

We now have to wait and find out if the disc will go back in or if she needs surgery. We have been inundated with good wishes and she has had to shoo my mournful face out of the ward on several occasions.
I am sure you have been in the position where someone you love has been hospitalised and has suffered terrible pain. It is the feeling of helplessness which is so difficult to cope with. You just want to "magic it better".

Dr Strangelove, my constantly-cheerful producer and butt of endless jokes on the show, has not escaped unscathed this week suffering an unexpected bereavement. I have suggested he pops up to the hospital so the DL can shoo his mournful face out of the ward as well.

The show is a great solace and thank you for all the daft stuff you are still providing on a daily basis. For this, we are very grateful, and it gives us a lift in the small hours. Sorry there have not been many Tweets over the last week but, as you can imagine, I have been somewhat preoccupied....which of course led to my mournful face being.....etc

On a brighter note…
Last weekend it was my Godparents 60th wedding anniversary.

My Auntie Stephanie and Uncle Norman have been a vital part of my life for ever and they are terrific.

Being of slightly, ahem "mature" years, they have a huge extended family as well as zillions of friends. So it was to Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire last Saturday to a school gym where a bash had been laid on. There was a "soft play area" for the children, an amazing buffet and some very amusing speeches. The best part was to witness the high regard in which this couple are held.

My Uncle who has recently celebrated his 90th birthday was up a plum tree with a pruning saw a few days ago, and has played the organ in the same church every Sunday for more than 70 years. Stephanie is the organiser doing so much for the community. They have hardly spent a night apart in all those 60 years. If they ever need a poster boy and girl for marriage, sign this couple up now. They are an inspiration. They have been on the phone to me this week more concerned about the DL than themselves and have cheered me and my mournful face up.

Sunday and it was nice to get to Hastings Old Town once again in order to judge the Classic Car show. I have been doing this for a few years now and it is always a joy, being a bit of a petrolhead. The only slight disappointment has been that I have had to change my act slightly.

Gone are the days of saying, "I remember Grandad had one of these"

This was replaced by "I remember Dad had one of these"

This year to my horror I realised.... "I remember these....I had one of these!"

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and here is something for the weekend from myself and Dr. Strangelove...


Micky B said...

Good Morning Mr Lester.

My best wishes go out to the DL.
I have a friend who suffers with disc problems. Nasty.

'Morphine' eh ? Ah yes. Was getting quite used to that delight when I had a servere dental infection. Alas my 'supplier' withdrew the pills when it was decreed that normal painkillers would now do the trick.

One of my favourite Snooks Eglin tracks - 'St James Infirmary'. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.

Chin Up Mr Lester. No mournful faces. The DL needs smiles around her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dark Lord, hope the Dark Lady gets back to full health soon.

Now I recall a few weeks ago when you presented her with some groceries in a carrier bag, as a present. This is a time when a present can be in a plastic carrier bag, as you are rushing around for her and not bothering with wrapping paper and ribbons. So a bottle of Lucozade and a box of Milk Tray is entirely acceptable presented in Tesco branding.

All the very best!

Slyppery Syd said...

Hi Dork Lardiness, Hope DL gets better soon. Ouch, that must smart.
Come on, cheer up - your FANg club members love you.

Are you sure it is the DL knocking back the drugs .... and not you????

Our good wishes are with you both. Hiss hisss.

mwhite229 said...

Poor Dark Lady, I hope her present predicament is not connected with something you did - hence your mournful face by way of an apology:) - surely not tho', you are too nice a bloke!!

Lee Slator said...

My best wishes go out to both the DL and yourself. I know exactly where you are coming from with the sense of helplessness. My wife was really ill last year whilst pregnant with our daughter and was hospitalised a few times. It was really difficult seeing her go through that when I could do nothing to help her.

Keep your chin up eh?

Annie said...

Even when you love someone unconditionally, hospital visiting can be exhausting. This time will pass, so for now, please take care and conserve some energy for when the DL is discharged from hospital.