Thursday 11 March 2010


Friday evening I went to meet some lovely Jewish friends for Friday Dinner. This involved prayers and me wearing a yarmulke, the skullcap which Orthodox Jewish men wear to cover their heads.

A superb time was had. Although I had to have the custom of not mixing meat and dairy explained to me. I love Jewish humour and my Dad's favourite joke is the one which ends with the punchline: "He had a hat!!”

This is far cry from the time back in the early 1980's when I went to a Synagogue for an "Open day". Judging by the rather frosty reception I received I don't think they meant for it to be open to me. Also, I was disappointed because the "Automatic Rabbi" machine was out of order so I never found out what it did or what it sounded like.

Went back to "K..........."'s and tried to watch What’s up, Tiger Lily? but fell asleep halfway through. We are good at that.

Hastings on Saturday. Met friends in the pub, then back home for pie and Best in Show DVD. Managed half that before we fell asleep.

Sunday morning, Mr Tibbs the carpenter arrived with a mate of his to install more CD shelves in the spare bedroom for Lester’s Library. They should keep things in order providing I can get round to filing them all; they may even outlast the format. Back to London and a spectacular traffic jam. I tried to navigate us out of trouble but just succeeded in taking us on a tortuous route right to the very back of the queue.

"K.............." was very patient. Think I am going to get a road atlas for Christmas. Back at the rental flat we started to watch Harold and Maude. Fell asleep halfway through.

Monday dawned and with it the Radio 2 "Get Connected" campaign. This is designed to make us all interactive. I still prefer to pay utility bills by cheque so I have a way to go.

It did mean the start of my new Twitter account. You are helping with it. Although I am finding there seem to be a selection of bits of "Netiquette" which seem rather baffling and a bit pointless.

We are slowly building followers and I think I will find it useful for the show as there will be another way to interact with us. Although I don't know that I am that interesting to want to tell you what I am up to most of the time when I am not on the air.

Tweet: In the lavvy.

Tweet: Now having breakfast

Tweet: Going shopping

What do you reckon? Let me know what I am supposed to do with it. Not leading a glittery showbiz lifestyle. Things can get a tad mundane.

I could always lie:

Tweet: In Groucho Club having champagne with Brangelina

Tweet: My private jet is taking me to LA to take drugs with the some other A-listers

Tweet: Just playfully pulled one of Cheryl Cole’s hair extensions off. She punched me.

The Blog keeps you pretty much up to date with that stuff.

So with your help we can make Twitter a useful and hopefully interesting addition. You can add me @alexthedarklord.

Monday it was down to the BBC for a showcase. John Butler Trio from Australia did a short set for us. I have played them on the programme before so it was good to see them live.

It must have been a little odd for them as Platinum-selling artists in their homeland, to play in front of 35 people. 25 of which were scarfing up the free food. I always like to arrive early to get the food in before the turn starts so I can give them my best attention. They were excellent....burp!

Rest of the week has been a bit of a blur of not very much. Been doing a lot of typing and listening to music.

Although I really needed to get out to buy essential things for the kitchen. It is only since "K.............." has come on the scene that I realise how Spartan my weekday existence is:

In the flat, I have neither bottle opener nor corkscrew. I had to get the guy in the off-licence to open the wine for me the other evening and wandered like a wild eyed derelict back home waving it.

I have one sharp knife unfortunately it is not sharp. So will cut nothing.

I have a pan but no utensils other than forks in order to cook with.

I have two tumblers but not wine glasses

I have four mugs one of which is cracked so it leaks.

My Name is Alex Lester. I am 53 and a student.


moggy said...

THE DARK LORD on twitter wey hey i am following you ,, its like i am with you all the time he he and you know what i get upto ! good cos what you see is not what you get in real life or is it ??? cake and more cake
anyway your cd,s WOW , awsome now the food sounds intresting indeed just enjoy twitter alex its fun i think
moggy aka floodhelper he he

GrrrNasher said...

Sad, but I suffer the same problem, the more interesting the DVD is to watch, the quicker I fall asleep. But I always wake up just in time to see the ending - thus ruining it for next viewing!

Slyppery Syd said...

You are not the only student over 50. I too only have one spoon, one fork, knife, plate etc. Perfect for student life. Only iron the bits you can see and know how to save money. ... I even have a student railcard.
Anyway, what's wrong with pot noodles and rusks?
Love the shoot.

Martin Lower said...

I thought I was the only one who watched half a film at a time! And as for paying utility bills by cheque, way to go Alex (direct debits are the work of Satan). My Dad had TWO pairs of scissors in his kitchen.... both of them had broken handles!
Great blog as usual Dark Lord, love the shoe...

ACCox said...

I'm a student and have an entire Denby collection and a whole silver service set in a box.. why not marry "K..." and you'll get all the kitchen stuff you need. Worked for me!

Unknown said...

Hail dairke lairde!

Great that you've got Twitter - although I admit to being as "twitused" (Twitter Confused, anyone...?
I think what the masses want is probably a mix of the truth and a bit of flair added, for example:

Tweet: In Asda - saw Jordan whilst grabbing melons

Tweet: Passed Scout group on way home being indoctrinated by Simon Cowell

Tweet: Attended fancy dress party - Jodie Marsh came as self

You get the idea...

Love the shoe, keep up the wellie!