Monday 18 March 2013


The Dark Lady is a huge Morecambe and Wise fan. She loves comedy. Although whether she finds me amusing is another matter. If we differ I think it's that she prefers British comedy and I find the American version more compelling. That is not to say I sit stony faced though episodes of the Two Ronnies or Monty Python

Although "Bottle Boys", "Mind your Language" and "Terry and June" elicited little more than the odd wince. I'm more likely to laugh out loud at "Frasier", "The Big Bang Theory"or "Family Guy".

Likewise stand-up routines by Russell Brand, Eddie Izzard or Michael McIntyre might create the odd guffaw. It's the likes of Chris Rock, Bill Hicks or Brett Butler that make tears roll down my cheeky chops.

Eric and Ernie though hold a special place in everyone's hearts and they were the comedy soundtrack to the DL's and my lives.

So it was decided a trip to the birthplace of Eric Bartholomew was in order.


It was also a terrific opportunity to catch up with my excellent Auntie Daphne, who lives in the Lake District. You'll remember my aunt as we gave her a metronome for her 80th birthday in 2011, she being a music teacher of many years standing. So long, in fact, that her original one had worn out.

Where to stay? Well bearing in mind this was going to be a special pilgrimage we decided to push the boat out so instead of Mrs Miggins’ B&B we opted for the Art Deco Midland Hotel built in 1933 with its spectacular view of Morecombe Bay.

It wasn't as big as I expected but was wonderfully restored. We had a room at the top of the hotel which we noticed had been described as a "tacky pod" by a pressure group complaining about the restoration of the prom. Morecombe may boast a wonderful hotel and an excellent sea-front walk. Sadly though the town has seen better days and is in dire need of investment. This always brings out the "antis". I don't know the plans or the politics of any plans so can't comment. Although my own experience living in another seaside resort which has had similar problems shows that there will always be a battle between developers and residents.

Developers wanting to pack as much into the space and the other side wanting prettier less dense construction.

"We want 2,000 luxury flats and car parks"

"No. We want an Eco pod village with natural reed latrines"!

Accommodation aside, we'd arrived in the town on a mission....

We were here to see the statue of Eric Morecombe.

So having been given the directions by you, we dutifully left the hotel and turned left.

On we walked. Small plaques set into the Tarmac informed us of the placing of various landmarks and former landmarks. All this set against a backdrop of closed shutters and for sale signs. We walked. We walked some more and then we walked some more.

Where was Eric? Had he been removed for the winter? For restoration? Been stolen and melted down for scrap?

Where was he?

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Black Cat said...

Did you ever find him?