Thursday 22 October 2009


After all the excitement of the last weekend, I suppose I should have expected it all to come crashing down…..can’t maintain that level of fun all the time! I suppose we need the dull bits to show us how good the good bits are. Why else would God have invented hangovers or diets? We have to take the rough with the smooth I suppose.

Although it was a fairly featureless week, as usual the show was fun with lots of input from you, including the tale of the man who had his leg stolen on the London Underground as he dozed. It did set us wondering, (In the best possible taste natch). It would appear that the limb was false so there isn’t a gang of crazed transplant terrorists, haunting public transport, ripping organs from dozing travellers.

However, it does sound the sort of thing that could be made into a Hollywood blockbuster. Set in the grim future when the world has run out of oil. Population growth is out of control and there is not enough food to go around. Hang on, I think that was on the news this week, so life could be imitating art. We just need a big action hero movie star to be in politics and we......Aaeeiiiiii run for the hills: we are doomed!

However the week was not entirely without event in that if you have been following the show you will know, that along with a couple of friends, I have been trying to work my way through every whiskey on sale in a certain pub in central London. I’m not really a big fan however, one per visit, and I could get used to it, and maybe even find one I really liked. The original plan was to sample one per week and be all done by Christmas. Erm about nine weeks to go and we have managed three. This place boasts 74!

I think we may be looking at next Christmas for possible completion. We have asked the landlady not to mix the bottles up. My fear is that we will lose our place and have to go back to the beginning.

Weekend was a bit of a wasteland with not a lot happening, but it did mean I was able to do a little CD filing, and catch up on some of the TV I had recorded. Maybe it’s a boy thing or just men of a certain age, but I love documentaries that involve old black and white footage, particularly those wonderful Ministry of Information films. So I am watching a series of those at the moment. That and a new US show called ‘Eastbound and Down’, about a former baseball star down on his luck. His best years behind him but his ego is still horribly intact. I know a few people like that.


moggy said...

WELL I NEVER ! a drop of the hard stuff never hurt anyone i love it with a drop of water ,,darkness is are day is it not .
anyway i like photo of the lord of the night long may he rule over the early early slot
moggy x

Unknown said...

Best years behind him? No way. The teenage years are full of doing stupid things and trying to figure out what your purpose is in life. The 20's are full of doing even more stupid things since usually by then you have a car and money and the reasoning part of your brain isn't fully developed until you're in your mid 20's so you can travel far and wide to spread your stupidity. I always refer to my 20's as my 'stupid years'. Your 30's are usually spent in a crap marriage or relationship. In your mid 40's you start to figure out what you really want out of life and relationships. I feel the best years of my life are still to come or as ol' blue eyes says 'the best is yet to come and babe won't it be fine'....

CJ said...
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CJ said...

When you have finished on those 74 then I guess you can get up to Pitlochry and start at this place. I can't stand the stuff personally but the differences in the smell and taste means that you could spend your twilight years looking for your fav.

Or get yourself to the Whisky Show, tasting in the place of the (not cheap) tickets

When you have finished on those 74 then I guess you can get up to Pitlochry and start at this place. I can't stand the stuff personally but the differences in the smell and taste means that you could spend your twilight years looking for your fav.

Twilight said...

Good luck with the Scotch tasting enterprise! It's my favourite tipple, but I can't tell the very expensive single malts from the medium priced blended stuff. Taste buds must be shot.
Don't like the peaty smoky flavour of some brands though....those probably appeal more to the male palate.

It'd be fun and interesting if you noted your trials and results on the blog, though. :-)

For my money, Famous Grouse is hard to beat, with Cutty Sark a very reasonable (in price and taste) second.

Nice photograph!

john dale said...

hi,alex..must say i enjoyed that willie nelson song 'when i was young and grandma wasn't old'..
brought a tear to my eye that one.many thanks.. also,if you get a chance check out my new christmas song on youtube called 'gypsy christmas'. just hit on gypwin.cheers.john dale

moggy said...

MOGGY SAYS IF YOU LOVE ALEX,S RADIO SHOE go and tell folks on bbc message board thingy
you could find me there !!!